Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd, since its incorporation, has had the privilege of growing together with Singapore’s economy. We say it with a great deal of pride that Singapore’s landscape has been greatly enhanced by our contribution to the urban skyline. A few significant milestones for us would have to be the honor of being awarded Singapore’s pilot Design and Build Public Project (Tampines New Town) in 1992, Urban Redevelopment Authority Centre in 1996 and the Police Cantonment Complex in 1998.

Although Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd has enjoyed varied successes in general contracting so far, we still have to address the challenges of tomorrow. With a myriad of factors coming into play, the local construction industry is fast becoming highly competitive and demanding. In order to stay ahead of these challenges, Kajima would have to provide more value-added services and keep abreast of all technological advances in order to further enhance our industry position. One of the steps taken is the implementation of this website, Kajima will be able to reach a bigger pool of clientele and allow faster dissemination of information in this IT age.

Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd would not have progressed this far without the cooperation of all staff. Various initiatives have been launched to encourage creativity and excellence in all staff. The implementation of Total Quality Management is one such initiative. The process allows staff to contribute effectively to the management of the company in a bid to improve general working conditions and increase productivity. Having been a project engineer before working my way up to this honorable position, I absolutely advocate a proactive approach to be adopted in all Kajima’s staff. Synergy only happens when all come together and work as a team. It is my aim, together with all staff, to upkeep Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd as a World-Class Organization in the global arena.


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